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Viewing your Transactions with the storEDGE Payment Portal (Payment Processing by storEDGE)

⚠️This article is applicable to customers using Payment Processing by storEDGE to process payments. 

You can view transactions made in storEDGE on the Billing Tab. You may wish to compare this to transactions directly in the storEDGE Payment Portal or use the Portal to view the status of a payment. 

Viewing the Status of a Payment in the storEDGE Payment Portal

  1. To view the status of a transaction directly in the Payments Portal, you’ll log in to the storEDGE Payment Portal with the username and password you created after onboarding.
  2. Click Payment History on the left side barpayment_history__1_.png
  3. You can filter by Sales, Authorizations, and Refunds. You can also sort your transactions in a number of different ways: Transaction ID, Amount, Cardholder name, Created date, and more. You can also use the search bar to search for specific transactions. 

Transaction Statuses

  • Approved: The payment was authorized by the issuing bank, which confirms the account has sufficient funds and the customer has provided valid CVV and AVS (address) information. The funds related to an Approved transaction will not be sent to your account until the payment is submitted to Capture and Settle as part of your daily batch
  • Captured: The Captured status means an approved payment was sent to the processing bank as part of your daily batch, to begin the process of transferring funds from the cardholder to your account.
  • Settled: Settled indicates that the process of transferring funds between the cardholder and your account is now completed and you will receive the funds in a deposit.
  • Returned: Applicable for ACH payments only. This status indicates that the ACH payment was Returned. After an ACH payment successfully processes, the issuing bank has 2 business days to issue a return if the ACH bank account information was invalid, or there were insufficient funds. In this case, the original ACH transaction moves to the ‘Returned' status, and the funds are deducted from your bank deposit total amount.

Error Codes

(Error code 15: generic_decline): Transaction declined: Generic Authorization Decline

(Error code 15: generic_decline): Transaction declined: Error

These are likely because the CVV entered does not match the CVV of the card. Try processing the card again paying particular attention to the CVV number.


Voiding or refunding a transaction in the portal

In most cases, voids and refunds should be processed in storEDGE so that your software reflects the payment reversal. However, in rare circumstances, transactions that need to be reversed may be processed with your payment processor but not be recorded in storEDGE. Follow the instructions below if you need to reverse a payment that appears in your storEDGE Payment Portal and not in storEDGE.

1. Navigate to the Payment History page in your storEDGE Payment Portal. 

payment history.png

2. Click the dollar amount for the transaction that needs to be reversed.

3. Click Void or Refund.

  • A payment that is reversed on the same day and before your deposit cut-off time will be voided (canceled before it is processed with the bank). There will be no record of the payment on the tenant’s bank statement.
  • A payment that is reversed after your deposit cut off time will be handled as a refund. The original payment will be deducted from the cardholder’s bank account, and the refund will be credited back to them within a few days.

void transaction.png



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