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Rental Center™ Settings (Corporate Level)

Your Corporate Rental Center™ Settings offer ways to further customize your Rental Center. There are two sets of settings:

  • Online Move-ins: These settings help you customize the online move-in experience.
  • Tenant Portal: These settings help you control what customers can and can’t do in their online account.

To access your Corporate Rental Center™ Settings, access the corporate section of your software and then click the Settings tab. Then, find the Rental Center Settings tab and click Rental Center.


From here, you can access your Online Move-ins and Tenant Portal settings.

How to edit settings

Regardless of which settings you are editing, you’ll be able to pick and choose which of your facilities have settings enabled and disabled. This is how it works:

  1. Find the setting you’d like to enable or disable.
  2. Select Yes to enable the setting or No to disable the setting.
  3. Expand the Facilities list. 
  4. Select the facilities you’d like to receive the changes.
  5. Click Save.

Online Move-ins settings

  • Enable Online Move-ins: Selecting Yes will enable online move-ins for tenants via the Rental Center. Also, for any reserved unit, it will reveal the >Send online move-in button on your lead list in the Leads tab, individual units list in the Units tab, and on the General tab of your tenant's page. Clicking this button allows you to email or text move-in documents to your potential renter. 
  • Hide Unavailable Units from inventory: Selecting Yes will hide unit groups with no available units from displaying in step 2 of the online move in process in the Rental Center™.
  • Hide promo code field: Selecting Yes will ensure that the +Add Promo Code option and corresponding field does not display in the move-in process for tenants.
  • Show driver's license fields: Selecting Yes will display fields for a tenant to enter their driver's license information. 
  • Require contact for move-in: Select Yes to require tenants to provide information for a Contact person at move-in. If you have Alternate Contacts enabled, it will override this setting and the tenant will be required to provide or decline to provide Alternate Contact information. 
  • Allow tenant to decline providing an alternate contact: Alternate contacts are people who will receive delinquency notices such as lien or auction notices. When customers are processing an online move-in, setting this option to Yes will prompt the user to provide or decline to provide an alternate contact. If this option is set to No, the tenant cannot decline and will not be able to complete Step 5 of the online move-in without entering alternate contact information. 
  • Require autopay for move-in: Selecting Yes will require any tenant moving in through the Rental Center™ to enroll in autopay. If you would like to enable autopay by default without action by the tenant, please select Enable autopay by default (see below). 
  • Enable autopay by default: Selecting Yes will select autopay for the payment method used at move-in by default. 
  • Require insurance for move-in: Selecting Yes will require any tenant moving in through the Rental Center™ to enroll in an insurance plan.
  • Require services for move-in: Selecting Yes for this setting requires any tenant moving in through the Rental Center™ to add a service when renting their unit.
  • Allow new tenants to use ACH during move-in: Selecting Yes will display ACH as a selectable payment method at move-in.
  • Move-in confirmation message: From here, you can enter the text you’d like to display to the tenant when confirming a successful move-in through the Rental Center™.

Tenant Portal settings

  • Prevent tenants from changing their contact information: Selecting Yes will ensure that tenants will not be able to make edits to any information about a contact that they added at move-in.
  • Prevent tenants from enrolling in autopay: Selecting Yes will prevent tenants from signing up for autopay through the Rental Center by removing the autopay option from the online move-in flow and the tenant portal. If you require autopay and use this setting, please make sure to turn on Enable autopay by default under Online Move-In settings.
  • Prevent tenants from making partial payments: Selecting Yes for this setting will deny any partial payments from tenants and will ensure that only full payments can be taken through the Rental Center™.
  • Display combo when overlocked tenant pays balance to zero: With this setting in place, a combo lock will display when an overlocked tenant pays their balance in full. The combo lock can be used to provide a tenant with the combination to the lock placed on their unit. 
  • Prevent tenants from moving in to another unit: Selecting Yes will ensure that your tenants are unable to move into an additional unit from the Rental Center.
  • Prevent tenants from moving out of a unit: Selecting Yes for this setting will prevent tenants from performing an online move-out. 
  • Delinquency stage payment prevention: Select the delinquency stage at which you'd like to disable online payments for a tenant. The available options come directly from your non-recurring delinquency stages. Once you've made this selection and assigned it to your facility, tenants who have reached this stage will no longer be able to process a payment through the Rental Center™.


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