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Moving a tenant in when using Auto-Protect (Storable Insurance)

⚠️  Auto-Protect is available to facilities that use Storable Insurance (Storsmart or Bader) as their insurance provider. Learn more about Auto-Protect.

Gathering tenant signatures on the insurance agreement

The insurance agreement is a document that your tenant signs that gives you their acknowledgement and consent to be enrolled in your store insurance policy if they don’t provide proof of private insurance coverage for their rental. The insurance agreement states:

Auto enroll insurance agreement_.png

This document will be generated at move-in along with your lease and any other move-in documents that you require. If you use e-sign functionality to gather signatures, the tenant can sign the insurance agreement electronically along with their lease. If you print documents to gather signatures, you’ll need to ensure that the insurance agreement is signed and then uploaded into your software. There will be a checkbox at move-in asking you to confirm that all documents (including the insurance agreement) that require a signature have been signed.


Entering private insurance details

Auto-Enrollment reminder emails will contain a link to a form tenants can use to submit their private insurance policy information. If your tenant directly provides you with private insurance details, you can add those details to their tenant record by following the instructions below to prevent them from being enrolled in store insurance. To add private insurance details:

  1. Navigate to the tenant’s record.
  2. On the right side of the screen, click Edit next to their rental information.
  3. Scroll down to the insurance section of their rental and click Edit.
  4. Enter the tenant’s private insurance details in the new window. You’ll need the insurance provider’s name, the policy number, and the expiration date.
  5. Click Save.

Making a tenant exempt from insurance enrollment (optional)

If you’d like to allow a tenant to be exempt from automatic enrollment in your store insurance policy, you’ll need to note that exemption on their tenant page. To do so:

  1. Navigate to the tenant’s page.
  2. Click Edit Tenant.
  3. Scroll down to the Exemptions section of their page and check the box next to Insurance Exempt and enter the reason they’re exempt.
  4. Click Update Tenant to save your changes.


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