Paying for Multiple Units

If a tenant is renting multiple units at a time, you can process payments for all of their units on a single transaction:

  • From the Nav Bar, click Payments. A popup window will appear.
  • Begin typing the tenant’s name.
  • Click the tenant’s name when it appears in the popup list. The Make Payment window will open.

On the make payment window, you will see all of the tenant’s units listed as line items. Each unit will have a Unit Balance and a Payment Amount.

  • Type the amount of money the tenant is paying towards each unit in the Payment Amount field.
  • Under Select New Payment Method, choose the desired payment method by clicking the button beside it. Each payment method requires different information; be sure to fill the fields out accordingly.
  • Checking the Save for future use box will save that payment method and information for future payments.
  • Click Process Payment to finalize the transaction.
  • A message will appear verifying the success of the payment.

The software will generate one single receipt for all the units on which payments were made. You will be given the option to print or email this receipt for the tenant. Click Close to close out of the Make Payment window.


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