The Leads Tab

📖 For information about adding leads, visit the Leads, Reservations, and Move-Ins article.

The Leads Tab contains all of your leads (people interested in your units) and reservations (those for whom you have actively set aside a unit). It is denoted by a plot graph icon.

At-a-glance you can see the important details from the lead, if collected, including the source of the lead, potential renter's name, phone number and email address, desired unit, desired move in date, follow up date and date the lead was created. If a lead has paid a reservation fee, you’ll see a note confirming the paid fee and an invoice number of the transaction. If a lead is interested in a unit that isn't currently available, the Wait List label will be displayed in the Desired Unit section.

You can edit, cancel or close leads or reservations from the Leads Tab by clicking the Open button on the right of the line item. Scroll down to the bottom of the lead form to select the Close Lead or Close Reservation button.

You can search for a particular lead or use the filters to narrow down your list of leads and reservations. When utilizing the unit price or unit size filter, the resulting list will not only show you the leads or reservations for those units, it will also show you the scheduled move-outs and available units.

You have the ability to sort the leads by any column in the table. Click the header above the column to sort by that column.

You also can print the list of leads by clicking the printer icon in the upper right.

For a summary report of lead activity by source, see the Lead Activity report in the Occupancy portion of the Reports section.


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