Gate Integration

Your software integrates with a variety of 3rd party gate providers to help you assign gate codes and update your gate software with tenant status all from your software. This article includes information you need about:

For information about Storable Access Control, check out our article: Setting up Storable Access Control.

Gate systems with which you can use storEDGE

We offer Access Control, which is a solution native to storEDGE. Your storEDGE software also integrates with the following gate software providers:

  • DigiGate
  • DoorKing (1838 Multi-Door Access Controller)
  • OpenTech CIA
  • PTI/StorLogix
  • PTI/Falcon
  • QuikStor
  • Revenue Control Systems
  • StorGuard
  • WinSen (except the RSCM - Remote Site Control Module version and the Platinum version)
  • Storable Access Control

Gate Integration Requirements

  • storEDGE gate software must be installed on the same computer that the DigiGate, DoorKing, PTI, QuikStor, Revenue Control Systems, StorGuard, or WinSen gate software is installed.
  • A computer with Windows Vista or Windows 7, 8 or 10 that has .Net Framework 3.5 installed
  • A broadband internet connection with a 3MB or faster download speed
  • Permission to write to the default gate interface directory (for PTI, the default is C:\PTI). This is typically called admin access within the Windows operating system.

Gate Integration Steps

    1. Access your Settings tab to the left of your screen.
    2. Access your Gate Integration settings.
      The Gate Integration settings screen will appear.
    3. To begin the installation, select your gate software from the list by selecting the field next to Gate provider name.

    4. Click the Click to download link in the upper right of the screen.
    5. After the file has been successfully downloaded, open the storEDGESetup.msi file to begin the installation process.

    6. Once the installation is complete, double-click the storEDGE Gate icon that now appears on your computer desktop.


  1. Double click the storEDGE Gate icon to open the program.
  2. Click File and access Preferences.
  3. Copy and paste the API Access Information from the Gate Integration page in storEDGE to the 3 open fields.

    You’ll find this information under API Access Information on your Gate Integration settings page.

  4. Click Test to make sure the gate software is communicating with the facility management software.
  5. Once the test is successful, click OK.
  6. At this point, you may need to update the settings within your StorLogix, DigiGate, WinSen, etc. gate software. Often, there is an accounting program setup that needs to be completed. Please see your gate software setup instructions for more details.
  7. Click on File and then select Start Service.
  8. The status (in the bottom left) will update to say Service is running. and the dialog box will display the communication from your storEDGE software account to the storEDGE Gate program.

After completing these steps, your gate integration is complete. To have uninterrupted updates to your gate software and keypads, ensure that both your gate software program and the storEDGE gate program are running at all times. storEDGE will automatically communicate gate code changes to your gate software every 5 minutes.

Gate Integration Troubleshooting

If you find that the new gate codes or changes to gate codes you are making in storEDGE are not being passed through to your DigiGate, DoorKing, PTI, WinSen, etc. gate software, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Open the storEDGE Gate icon on your computer desktop. Go to File and click Stop Service, then click Start Service.
  • Open the storEDGE Gate icon on your computer desktop. Go to Gate Codes and click Force Full Update.
  • Ensure you are logged into the computer where the gate software is installed as an ADMIN (full user privileges).
  • Check your antivirus software to see if storEDGE gate software is being blocked. If it is, manually update your antivirus software to exclude storEDGE gate software from being blocked.
  • storEDGE software does not create units in your corresponding gate software. It will update existing units. Ensure all of your units are set up in your gate software.
  • Check for an error file. In your online storEDGE account in the Gate Integration setup there is a gate provider file path listed. Follow that file path on your computer and see if an error file has been created. Resolve any errors found in the file. Common errors are mismatches between the unit number found in storEDGE with the unit number found in your gate software, or mismatches between tenant names found in storEDGE with the tenant names found in your gate software.

WinSen gate software:

If you previously used WinSen Facility Management Software, ensure that WinSen FMS is disconnected from the WinSen gate by going to WinSen Property Manager, choosing Site Setup and selecting none for the gate interface field in the Site Name tab.

StorLogix gate software:

  • In the StorLogix interface, select the facility, then click edit. In the Preprocessor field, ensure that Generic is selected. In the Software field, select STOREDGE.
  • All unit numbers must be setup in StorLogix prior to integrating with storEDGE.
  • If you are using v. 5.0.76, select PTI/Falcon as the Gate provider name.

Auto-generate gate codes at move-in

Some businesses like the convenience of auto-generating gate codes for tenants at move-in. You gate integration configuration settings provide the option to auto-generate gate codes for tenants and prefix those gate codes with unit numbers to make them easier to remember. 

Auto-generating gate codes can also serve as a security measure for online move-ins. When a tenant moves in online via the Rental Center, the generated gate code is not revealed to them. This means they will need to establish contact with your facility to obtain their gate codes before accessing your property.

To auto-generate gate codes at move-in:

  1. From within your Gate Integration settings, click Change gate integration.
  2. Find Auto-generate gate codes at move-in and select Yes.
  3. Another setting will open labeled Prefix gate code with unit number. Select Yes to add unit prefixes or No to generate random gate codes.

    When you select yes to the option Prefix gate code with unit number, another option is revealed:

    When enabled, gate codes are generated at move-in exactly as the setting says - unit number + last 4 digits of a tenant's phone number. However, when unit numbers are lengthy, generating gate codes based on unit numbers/last 4 digits of phone numbers can sometimes result in a gate code that is longer than the maximum gate code length that some integrated gate providers will accept. In these cases, our algorithm will shorten the gate codes to an acceptable length. This means that if a unit number + 4 digits is longer than the maximum gate code length accepted by your integrated gate provider, the generated gate code will be shortened to the maximum length.

  4. Click Save.

When Automatically generate gate code for move-ins is set to Yes:

  • A new optional setting will open labeled Prefix gate codes with unit number. Selecting Yes here will ensure that gate codes that are generated start with the unit number. This can make them easier to remember for tenants.
  • When you perform a move-in for a tenant, the gate code will automatically be populated. You can provide this gate code to the tenant.
  • When a tenant moves in online via the Rental Center, they will not have an option to choose a gate code. A gate code will be generated in the software, but will not be displayed to them. Tenants will need to establish contact with you to obtain their gate code.

When Automatically generate gate code for move-in is set to No:

  • Gate codes will not be generated at move-in for managers.
  • Gate codes will not be generated for online move-ins via the Rental Center.
  • Tenants moving in online via the Rental Center will choose their own gate codes during the move-in process and can physically access your facility as soon as the move-in is complete.

Non-tenant gate codes

Some tenants may choose to assign a gate code for their additional contact person. At this time, only Storable Access Control, DoorKing, PTI StoreLogix, Quikstor, and StorGuard gates will accommodate additional contact gate codes. All other gates providers that integrate with storEDGE do not currently accommodate gate codes assigned to additional contacts.

Bulk editing gate access time and keypad zones

Your software gives you the ability to change your gate access time zones and keypad zones for multiple users at once in one easy step. This prevents you from having to navigate to each tenant page to update these details one by one. You’ll find the bulk editing tool on the right within your Gate Integration settings under your API Access Information. To edit time zones, click Edit.


Edit time and keypad zones using the bulk editor

On the next page, you’ll see all your tenants listed alphabetically by last name. You’ll also see fields to enter time zones and keypad zones for each tenant. Enter the time zone and keypad zone you’d like each tenant to have.


The editor will show 100 tenants at a time. If you have more than 100 tenants to edit, you’ll need to save your edits for each page before moving to the next page of tenants.

Edit zones using the import/export functionality

You can edit your tenants’ time and keypad zones by exporting their information via CSV, making your adjustments, and then importing the CSV back into your software. To begin, click Export.


The CSV that you export has four columns: Tenant ID, Tenant Name, Gate Time Zone, and Gate Keypad Zone. Enter the desired time and keypad zones for each tenant before saving the file.

Once you’ve saved your CSV, click the Import button and select your CSV file. Once imported, the time and keypad zones you’ve edited will be updated.


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