Corporate Reports

For operators with more than one facility, it is essential to be able to see all of your facilities' data with one click of a button. The Corporate Reports section of storEDGE offers users that functionality.

Within this section of the software you will find the most popular reports from the Reports Tab for each of your facilities. The difference you'll see at the Corporate level is that you can run corporate-level reports for all of your facilities or for the facility groups that you have created. You can also schedule reports to run on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

This article will instruct you on:

Running Reports

To run corporate-level reports for all of your facilities or a group of facilities, follow these steps:

1.  When you are logged into one of your facilities, click on the Corporate button in the blue navigation bar.

2.  Click on the pie chart icon on the left side of the screen to navigate to the Reports section.

3.  The default tab is the Running Reports section. From here, choose the type of report you’d like to run from either the Financial, Insurance, Management, Merchandise or Occupancy groups.

4.  Within the report groups, choose the report you’d like to run.

5.  If a date or date range is required, you will need to enter that in the fields provided prior to generating the report.

Please note: Weekly reports will be generated for the previous week, ending on Saturday; not for the week ending on the day you run the report.

6.  Choose from the dropdown whether you would like to run the report for All Facilities or from a group you have created.

7.  Click Generate Report.

8.  Once the report has been created, you can view the report or export it. Your report will open in a new browser tab.

Scheduling Reports 

The report scheduler function within your Corporate Reports section is a simple tool that allows you to schedule email delivery of specific reports to specified recipients. These reports can be run for all of your facilities, for specific groups of your facilities, or for a single facility.

Please note: Weekly reports will be generated for the previous week, ending on Saturday; not for the week ending on the day the report is delivered.

You can schedule reports to be emailed to as many recipients as you choose. The first thing you might want to consider is who you’d like to be able to view your scheduled reports. Only those with a storEDGE login will be able to view reports, so you’ll need to ensure that anyone you wish to receive reports has a username and password. You’ll need to set up these user accounts in your software prior to scheduling reports for these recipients to ensure they have access.


Scheduling customized report batches

To schedule a group of reports to be sent, access the Reports tab in the Corporate section of your software and access the Scheduled Reports tab. Then, select New Scheduled Report(s).


The next page will allow you to name your report group, select the reports you want in this group, and schedule the frequency that your report group will be sent.

weekly.pngAfter you’ve named your report group under Group Name and selected the frequency at which you’d like these reports to be sent, select the reports you want to include in this group by expanding the report categories and checking the boxes next to your desired reports. You can also select the file format in which you'd like to view these reports and choose the style. For style, you can choose for the reports to populate per facility or per company.


Next, in the Select Facilities section, select whether you’d like reports to be generated for all facilities, a particular facility group, or a single facility.


If you’d like to generate reports for for just one facility group, select Facility Group and then select the group of your choosing. You can learn more about facility groups on our help site.


If you’d like to generate reports for just one facility, select the button next to Facility, then select the facility for which you’d like to generate reports.



The next step is to select your report recipients. To select recipients, select Select Recipients to expand the section. All users with a login to storEDGE within your company will be populated in this section.

You can filter recipients by role by selecting Filter by Roles and choosing the software role that defines the users that you’d like to receive your reports. 


Next, select the users that you’d like to receive the report bundle by selecting the boxes next to their names.

Viewing reports

Your report recipients will receive an email when reports are generated. The email includes a link to your scheduled reports. When multiple reports are included in the report group, the link will allow the recipient to download a zip file that contains all reports in the group. To open reports, click the link in the email to download reports. You must be logged into the software to view attached reports. If a report recipient is not logged into the software, they will be prompted to log in prior to accessing the report. This helps us keep your data secure.


If you are viewing reports for multiple facilities, you’ll receive a separate document for each report. This file will contain multiple individual reports, showing one facility per page, and the report will show a column for each facility. For example, if you have a group of weekly reports scheduled which includes the Fees Waived report and the Aging report for three facilities, your zip file will contain two documents:

  • Fees Waived: This document will contain an individual Fees Waived report for each facility and then a report with data for all three facilities.

  • Aging report: This document will contain an individual Aging report for each facility and then a report with data for all three facilities.

Adjusting user permissions for Corporate reports

To give a storEDGE user access to view and schedule reports, access your Corporate settings and select Roles.


Find the role you’d like to allow use of the report scheduler, and select Edit to edit their role.

Under the Corporate permissions section, check the box next to View corporate reports. Then, select Save. This permission must be granted to anyone who is setup to receive a scheduled report.




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