Mass Email

Your storEDGE software gives you the ability to send an email to all of your tenants or a group of tenants with just a few clicks. This functionality allows you to update your tenants about important news without the costly process of sending documents through postal mail.

This guide is intended to help you become familiar with:

How Mass Email works

Mass emails can be sent from the Communication Tab of the facility level of your software. Sending an email is simple:

  1. Prepare a template for your email ahead of time in your Corporate Emails settings.
  2. Click Send Mass Email from the facility level of your software.
  3. Select a template and filter for the tenants who you’d like to receive it.
  4. Send your email.

Additionally, when used concurrently with two-way emailing functionality, your tenants can respond to your mass emails, giving you the ability to respond to tenant questions or comments about your announcements. 

Preparing email templates

Before you can send out a mass email, you must prepare a template. Preparing your template is simple - just access your email settings from the Corporate level of your software by navigating to Settings and then Software Settings. Scroll down to the Documents section and click Emails.


From here, click the Templates tab and click + Add new template.

The next page will open the document editor, where you can create and customize your email template. Note that you can use our document bracket replacements in both the subject line and body of your email.

To prepare a template:

  1. In the Type dropdown, select Mass Email.


  2. Enter a description of your email. What you enter here will not appear in the email to your tenant(s), but will appear for internal use when you choose which template you’d like to send to your tenants.
  3. Enter a subject line for your email. You can use document bracket replacements to personalize the subject line if you wish.
  4. Select an unsubscribe category from the drop down menu provided. These categories accommodate the CAN-SPAM Act and allow your tenants to only unsubscribe from the types of emails they don’t want to receive, yet remain subscribed to the types of emails they’d like to continue receiving. If a tenant unsubscribes from any category, they will not be unsubscribed from transactional emails, such as rate increases or delinquency notices. Your categories for mass email include General, Maintenance, Newsletter, and Promotions.
  5. Next, select a layout template for your email. This is optional - selecting “None” will create a plain text email. We recommend using the Email Layout template because it was designed to be attractive and readable. You can also select Certified Email. Technically, all emails sent from the system are tracked, which makes them automatically certified. Selecting Certified Email will include verbiage at the top of your email that informs the tenant that the email is certified.



  6. If you have an attachment to add, you can select it from your computer here by clicking Choose file. You can add up to three attachments to your email.
  7. From the document editor, draft or edit your message. You can use document bracket replacements in the body of your email to personalize the message if you wish.
  8. When you’ve edited the email to your liking, click Save.
  9. The email template will only be available to facilities that are using a set that includes your new template. Add the template to a set by navigating to the Sets tab in your Corporate Email settings. Add the template to any document set that you'd like to include it in by clicking Edit next to the email set. 


10. Click Add.  add_template.png

11. Select the template you created from the dropdown menu and click Add


Sending mass emails to your tenants

Once you have your template prepared, sending your email is easy. Just access the Communication tab and click into the Email tab within it. In the upper left corner, click Send mass email.


On the next screen, you’ll see all of your mass email templates. To the far right, you’ll see a View button and a Send button for each template. You can review the email by clicking View. To send out the email, click Send.


On the next page, you can select which tenants you’d like to receive the email. There are a variety of filters you can use to narrow down which tenants need to receive your email:

  • Type: From here, you can select a unit type to filter for tenants renting a unit of that type.
  • Size: This filter allows you to select tenants who are renting a particular unit size.
  • Amenities: This filter allows you to filter for tenants who are renting units that have specific amenities.
  • Account type: From here, you can select specific tenant account types (Business, Military, Standard, and Student.
  • Floor: This filter allows you to filter for tenants who are renting units on a particular floor of your facility.

Next, check the boxes next to the tenants who you’d like to receive the email. Select the checkbox next to the Tenant heading to select all tenants in the list. Make sure you scroll to the bottom and see if there is another page of tenants - if you’re selecting all tenants, you’ll need to select all on every page to ensure every tenant receives your email. Once you’ve selected tenants, click Send emails in the upper right of your screen. 


Once your emails have been sent, you'll receive a notification at the top of your screen. From here, you can view the email and a list of its recipients by clicking View Batch.


Checking the status of sent emails

There are several places in your software where you can see the status of your sent emails. Emails will appear on the Communications tab within the Emails tab or on a tenant’s page within the History tab.

Communication Tab

The Emails tab within the Communication tab allows you to view the status of emails you have sent. Just click Individual Emails in the upper right corner to view your sent messages.


Tenant page

From a tenant’s page, you can view email status from the History tab. You’ll see when an email has been sent. You’ll also see if a tenant opened an email.


Email permissions

To adjust permissions for a user to send Mass Emails, navigate to Roles in your Corporate Settings.


Click Edit next to the role you would like to change. Check the box labeled Send mass email to tenants to give the user role permission to send mass email. 



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