Company Owned Units

Your software gives you the ability to designate specific units in your software as Company Owned. Facilities that have units that are used for business purposes can mark those units as owned by the company to remove that unit from vacant and occupied unit counts, providing a more detailed view of occupancy on the facility dashboard and on the Units tab.

This guide will assist you in:

Marking a unit Company Owned

Designating a unit as Company Owned is simple. To do so:

  1. Access your Units settings from the Settings tab.

  2. Access the Individual units tab.
  3. Click Edit next to the unit you'd like to mark as Company Owned. You can select mark both vacant or occupied units.

  4. Check the box next to Company Owned.

  5. Click Save.

Once a unit is designated as Company Owned, the Rentable checkbox will be disabled and the Reserve button will no longer appear on the unit page. 

Identifying Company Owned units in your software

Company Owned units will appear in your software much like Unrentable units appear. The unit icon will appear in grey. When you hover your cursor over the unit icon, the unit details will display that the unit is Company Owned.


Understanding how Company Owned units affect unit counts

Facility Dashboard
Company Owned units fall into their own unit occupancy category on your facility dashboard. Once a unit is marked as Company Owned, it will not fall in any other unit occupancy category on the facility dashboard.

  • Even though a Company Owned unit cannot be rented or reserved, it is not included in Unrentable unit counts (this differs from how they are categorized on reports - see below).
  • Even if a Company Owned unit is vacant, is is not included Vacant unit counts.
  • Company Owned units are included in total unit counts, but are only counted in the Company Owned category.

Company Owned units do not appear on reports as their own category at this time. However, they do affect unit counts on your reports:

  • If your Company Owned unit is vacant, it will be counted as Unrentable on reports.
  • If your Company Owned unit is occupied, it will be counted as Occupied on reports.


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