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Troubleshooting first of the month processing errors

One of the ways we enable your software to do more for you is by bolstering our functionality with integrations you need to run your business. However, integrating your software with payment processors, gate access controllers, and other products brings complexity. Most of the time, integrations work nearly seamlessly. But from time to time, processes in both integrated products can fail to sync properly. If there is an issue with your payment processor, for example, you may experience an error in your software. Likewise, an error in your software may cause a discrepancy with your payment provider.

When you experience a payment-related error at the first of the month, it's often related to processing. Errors are more likely to occur at the beginning of the month because the majority of auto payments are processed at the first of the month. Although we do whatever we can to maintain our integrations and minimize errors at the first of the month, it's helpful for you to understand what an error means should you encounter it. Below, you’ll find a list of questions we often get about first of the month processing and a list of errors customers have encountered.

Frequent Questions

If my tenant makes a payment before the autopay has successfully run, how can I ensure that my tenant wasn’t double charged?

Remove the tenant from autopay. You can do so manually from the failed autopay list.

A tenant moved out today, but they were previously on autopay and their card is still in a pending batch. Will their card still get run once processing catches up?

If the autopay shows as Scheduled on the Billing tab, then yes, the card will still be run. Your best option is to remove the tenant from autopay.

Transaction Express (TSYS) Errors

  • Unknown error occurred processing autopay. Prior to re-running payment, please verify the status in the TransactionExpress Gateway to prevent double charging the tenant.
  • N1 - TSYS time out
  • 06 – Error
  • 21 - No Action Taken
  • 91 – Issuer or Switch inoperative
  • 96 – System Malfunction

If you receive an autopay error like the examples above, it’s likely that Transaction Express experienced an error, but they did not send us details about what problem occurred. We recommend that you log in to your Transaction Express Gateway to see if the payment was processed before running the autopay again.

If the autopay was successful in your Transaction Express Gateway, we recommend that you run a cash payment for the tenant in your software to ensure the payment is reflected for reporting purposes.

If the autopay failed in your Transaction Express Gateway and in storEDGE, consider it a true failed payment and contact the tenant for payment. 

For all ACH payments, before determining whether they have passed or failed, click the payment line item in storEDGE. If it's still processing, you will not know the success/failure status yet. For the time being, we recommend checking the TSYS wallet to determine the status of ACH payments.


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