Corporate Documents Settings

Your Corporate Documents settings allow you to create and edit letter, email, SMS, and postcard documents for all of your facilities. You’ll find your Documents settings in the Corporate area of your software on the Settings tab.


From your Corporate Documents settings, you can edit all of your document templates and add them to document sets, which can be assigned to a single facility or shared by multiple facilities. This guide provides an overview of your Corporate Documents settings and intends to provide insight into:

Document types

There are a variety of different purposes for which you might need to generate a letter, postcard, or email for a tenant. Before discussing document types, it’s important to distinguish them from document forms. For the purposes of this article, document forms are letters, postcards, emails, and SMS templates, and document types refer to the types of functions these documents serve in your software.

Your software accommodates a variety of document types to help you operate your business smoothly and communicate with your tenants effectively:

System-generated documents

Your software comes with a variety of default letter, email, and SMS templates. These templates are labeled as system-generated in your software. The purpose of system-generated documents is to automate communication with your tenants to help you maximize operational efficiency. System-generated delinquency notices, for example, help you keep up with notifying your tenants about where they stand in the lien process with little effort on your part.

System-generated documents cannot be deleted because they are essential to business operations. You can customize and replace these documents if you wish by clicking Copy & Edit next to a system-generated document and then replacing it in your document sets.


Conditional documents

A conditional document is a document that is generated by your software when a specific condition is present. There are a variety of conditions you can use to trigger specific documents to populate, and you can assign multiple conditions to a single document. You can set conditions to documents based on whether a tenant is enrolled in autopay, their insurance type, the services they’re enrolled in, their account type, their unit’s amenities, or their unit type. This allows you to cater your leases and other documents to specific rental conditions.

You can edit conditions for a document by using the Edit button in the Conditions column when you’re editing a document set.


We recommend you read our guide on conditional documents to become familiar with how they function and how you can best cater them to your business needs.

Ad hoc documents

An ad hoc document is a document that is not associated with any action or condition in your software. Designating a document as ad hoc means that it will not be populated for any reason by the system unless you take an action to populate it yourself. Many facilities use ad hoc documents to update their tenants about maintenance issues or marketing promotions. You can find instructions to designate a template as Ad hoc in our articles linked below under Document templates. 


Document templates

You’ll find a Templates tab in each of your document settings categories. You can edit templates for your letters, emails, postcards, and SMS messages in their respective settings. When you open these settings and access the Templates tab, you can edit any template.

We have prepared guides to provide insight into best practices for editing document templates:

Deleting document templates

Deleting a template is simple, no matter the type of template you need to delete. Just access your templates and find the template you no longer need. Click the red Delete button next to the template.

A prompt will appear to confirm that you’re sure you’d like to delete the template. Type delete in the field provided and click Yes, Continue to delete the template.


Using document sets

A document set is just what it sounds like - a set of documents that you can assign to a facility or group of facilities. Document sets exist for letters, emails, SMS, and postcards. Once you add a document to a set and ensure the document is turned on, the document is available to be used at any facility you add to that set.

Creating and editing a set

Each document type (letter, email, SMS, and postcard) has its own document sets. The experience of creating and editing a set is the same for all document types. For the instructions below, we'll use letters as an example.

To create or edit a letter set:

  1. From your Corporate Software Settings, click Letters under the Documents heading.
  2. Access the Letter Sets tab.
  3. Click Edit next to the set you’d like to edit.

edit set.png

If you’d like to create a new set, click Add a new set at the top of the document list, enter a name for the new set, and click Save.


Adding documents to a set

When you’re editing a set, you’ll see all documents that have been added to that set grouped into usage categories by their triggering action. For example, documents triggered by move-ins will be grouped together in the Move-in category, and documents triggered by delinquency will be grouped together in the Delinquency category. If you’re creating a new set, you'll notice that system generated documents have already been added to the new set for you. These are the default system generated documents that come with your software.

To add a document:

  1. Find the usage category to which you’d like to add a document and click +Add.
  2. All documents in that usage category will populate in a dropdown list. Select the document you want to add.
  3. When you’re finished adding documents, click Save in the top right corner to save your changes.

Removing a document from a set

Removing a document is simple - just find the document you’d like to remove and click the red Remove button to its right.

Assigning facilities to a set

To assign facilities to the set, click Edit Details from the set edit screen.

edit details.png

Select the facilities that you want to assign to the set and click Save.

Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 2.15.14 PM.png

In order to remove a facility from a set, add it to another set. 


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