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How do I enable Tiered Pricing?

Tiered Pricing allows you to group units into “Good, Better, Best” categories based on attributes, making it easy to charge more for premium options and adjust pricing if a tier sells out. Once you enable Tiered Pricing, tiers will be shown in storEDGE, on your Storable Website, and on your SpareFoot Marketplace listing.

What to know before you enable Tiered Pricing

  • Yield Management will be disabled if you use Tiered Pricing. 
  • Managed Rates cannot be set through Revenue Management with Tiered Pricing enabled.

  • If you use a 3rd party website provider, reach out to your provider to confirm they support Tiered Pricing prior to configuring it in storEDGE software.

Enable Tiered Pricing

Follow the instructions below to enable Tiered Pricing. 

1. Navigate to your Corporate level Settings tab. 

2. From the Software Settings tab, click Tiered Pricing under the Unit/Rental Management category.


1. Create and edit tiers

First, you'll set up tiers. The Tiers tab will include a base tier by default. All units will default to this tier until you reassign them in a later step. You can add up to 12 tiers by clicking the Add Tier button. 


You can rename and edit tier descriptions (including the base tier) by clicking the pencil icon. This information will be shown to tenants on your website if you use Storable Websites and shown in storEDGE on the Units page and when moving a tenant in. 

Enter the new tier name and/or description and click Save.

Rank the tiers using the up and down arrows in the Ranking column. Units will be shown in this order in storEDGE and on your Storable website.


Delete tiers

You cannot delete the base tier, but you can delete other tiers you create. Before deleting a tier, reassign units to another tier. Once you’ve reassigned units, click the Delete button. 

2. Enable Tiered Pricing and select facilities

Next, you’ll enable Tiered Pricing and select which facilities will use Tiered Pricing.

1. Click the Settings tab in the top right corner of the page. 

2. Click the Yes radio button to enable tiered pricing.

3. Expand the Facilities menu and check the boxes for the facilities you want to use Tiered Pricing.

4. Click Save.


3. Assign units and rate to each tier

Lastly, you’ll assign units to each tier. You can do this from the facility level of your software or make bulk updates if you use Revenue Management.

📖 Assign units to tiers at the facility level

📖 Bulk assign units to tiers from Revenue Management


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