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Tiered Pricing: How do I assign units to tiers?

Tiered Pricing allows you to group units into “Good, Better, Best” categories based on attributes, making it easier to charge more for premium options and adjust pricing if a tier sells out. If you enable Tiered Pricing, tiers will be shown in storEDGE and on your Storable Website when selecting a unit at move-in. To use Tiered Pricing, you’ll need to first enable Tiered Pricing and create tiers at the Corporate Level of your software. Then, follow the instructions below to add units to each tier. 

If you use Revenue Management, you can make bulk updates to unit tiers by uploading a spreadsheet. Read more in our article: Revenue Management. 

Assign existing units to tiers at the facility level

1. Navigate to the Settings tab of your facility-level software. 

2. Click Units.

3. Select the Tiered Pricing tab.

Tip: This page defaults to show vacant units only. Remove the Vacant filter to ensure you’re viewing all units.

4. For each unit group, click the pencil icon to edit unit tiers and rates.




5. Tiers set up in your Corporate Settings will be available to select. Note: You don’t have to add units to every tier.

Enter a Rate for each tier.

Click Add Units to assign units to a tier.

6. Check the boxes for units you want to assign to the tier and click Apply

7. Click Save at the bottom of the screen. 

Note: Units will appear under Pending Edits until you click Save.


Assign units to tiers when creating a new unit

When you create a new unit, you’ll see a Tier dropdown menu to assign a tier. If a rate hasn't been set for the tier you select, you can edit the Rate field and set the rate for that tier. 


Reassign a unit to a different tier

Follow the instructions below to move a unit from one tier to another.

1. Navigate to facility-level Settings and click Units.
2. Select the Tiered Pricing tab and remove the Vacant filter if needed to find the unit you want to reassign.

3. Click the pencil icon for the unit you want to reassign.




4. Click Add Units under the new tier.

For example: If you want to move unit B2 from the Better to Best tier in the screenshot to the right, click Add Units under the Best tier. 

5. Check the box for unit B2 and click Apply


6. Click Save to complete the change.


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