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Your storEDGE website comes with custom, search-engine friendly content written by the storEDGE team, including thoughtful, strategized page titles and meta descriptions. The pages your website includes depends on the storEDGE website plan you have. If you’d like to add a page, contact support@storedge.com. To upgrade your plan, contact our sales department at info@storedge.com.

You can edit a variety of sections on your storEDGE website. If you’d like to make changes to text or photos on your website, you can do so from your website’s admin. From your page editor, you can:

The ability to edit text is controlled by a user permission in your Corporate Settings.If you can’t currently edit text and you’d like this permission, contact your storEDGE administrator.

Edit a page

To edit a page on your website, find the page you’d like to edit from the list of pages in your website’s admin home. To the far right of the page, select Edit.


The page will open. If a field on the page is editable, a border will appear when you hover over it with your cursor. When you click the section, an Edit button will appear. Click Edit to edit this section.


From here, you can type your changes or copy and paste any text you’ve already prepared. Use the formatting bar to apply any formatting changes. To save your changes, click Save.

Format text

Your website’s text editor has a variety of options you can use to format text and add elements like hyperlinks and attachments to your pages.


There are a variety of buttons on your text editor. You can select the text type (normal, a variety of heading types, or block quote), text size, and bold, italic, underline, or strikethrough. Additionally, you can select a text color or text background color using the first two buttons in the second row, select text alignment, bulleted or numbered lists, add hyperlinks, or add attachments.

The [...] button allows you to pull in information about your facility that is set in your software, such as your facility name, address, and phone number.

When you are finished adding, editing, or formatting your text, click Save.

Upload photos to your website

Some of the photos on your website can be edited. Only photos that you are permitted to edit will give you an edit option when you click the photo. If you want to change a photo, but you don’t have editing access, contact support@storedge.com

There are several types of image sections:

  • Slideshow: You can upload up to five photos into a slideshow section. Images uploaded in this section will rotate and show one at a time. The first image uploaded within this section is your facility image. On sites that feature more than one facility, this image is used to represent your facility on your All Locations page.
  • Image grid: You can upload up to four images into this section. All images uploaded will appear on the page in a grid formation.
  • Image: This displays a single image. You can upload up to five images in this section. When you have more than one image displayed in this section, it becomes a slideshow.

To upload a photo, click the image section. If you are permitted to edit the photo, the Edit button will appear. Click Edit.


The next window will allow you to drag and drop an image file into the photo uploader or choose an image from your computer to upload. Enter ALT text for each image and title text. You can also add a link to these images and choose whether you’d like the link to open in the same window or a new window. Adding a link is optional.


When you’ve added the images you want, click Save.

Adding or editing a background color, image, or video

Follow the instructions below to add or edit a background color, image, or video to a web page section.

Background section edit functionality is available for the following sections:

  • Header with text box

  • Header: Logo and Nav

  • Facility Info: Buttons

  • Facility Info: Hours

  • Content Layout : 1 Column: with Border

  • Content Layout : 2 Column: Text Header (right)

  • Content Layout : 2 Column: Text Header (left)

  • Content Layout : 2 Columns

  • Content Layout : 3 Columns

  • Content Layout : 3 Columns: Alt Mobile Stack 

  • Call to Action : Banner (Background color only)

  • Call to Action : Custom Editor

1. Hover over the web page section you want to update and click the gear icon.

2. Click Edit. 

Edit background color

1. On the Background tab of the Edit Section screen, select Color.

2. Select from your site’s Light Grey, Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary colors, or select Custom to pick a new color.

Select Custom if you want to select a color manually or enter a HEX code.

3. If you want to create a color gradient, click the Gradient tab.

  • You can choose between a linear or circular gradient.
  • You can adjust the angle of a linear gradient or the radius of a circular gradient.
  • You can adjust the amount of each color that will be used in the gradient using the sliders.
  • You can select the second color for the gradient from the second color bar to give a multi-colored gradient effect.
  • You can adjust the opacity for your color sections.
4. In the Overlay tab, you can select an overlay style for the section. 
  • Behind the content area will create an overlay only behind the content area. 
  • Full overlay covers the whole section.
5. You can select the color of the overlay from the Overlay Color, Gradient, and Opacity in the same way as shown for the background color in the previous steps.
6. Once you’ve selected and configured your background color, click Save.

Edit background video

Videos can be embedded in the background of a web page section from either YouTube or Vimeo.

1. On the Background tab of the Edit Section screen, select Video

2. Paste in the embed code from YouTube or Vimeo or enter the URL in the Video URL field.

3. Enter Alt Text and Title Text for the video (these fields are required).

4. Click Save when you are done.

Note: The height of the content area will impact the amount of the video that is seen. We suggest adjusting the height of the video accordingly and making sure the aspect ratio of the video matches the section structure.

Edit background image

Individual images or an image slideshow can be added to the background of a section.

1. On the Background tab of the Edit Section screen, select Image.

2. Click Upload Image to upload a new image or click Select from Gallery to select an image from your image gallery. You can add up to 5 images if you want to create a slideshow.
3. Enter Alt Text and Title Text for the image(s) (these fields are mandatory).
4. If you select multiple images and want to create a slideshow, click the Enable Slideshow Controls toggle.
Make selections for the follow settings:
  • Transition Type - Select the transition type to use between images.
    • Slide (left to right or right to left)
    • Fade
    • Zoom in
    • Zoom out
  • Slide Duration - Select how long each image will be shown in seconds. (0-10 Seconds in increments of .5 seconds)
  • Transition Speed - Select how long the transitions will be in milliseconds. (0 - 1000 milliseconds in increments of 100 ms.)
5. Click Save when you’re done.

Publish page changes

After you’ve edited and saved changes to a page, your changes will not appear live on your website until you publish your changes.

Publishing from page edit view

When you’re editing a page and want to publish your changes immediately, click the green Publish button at the top right of your screen. Hovering your cursor over this button will also let you know whether or not you have unpublished changes.


Publishing from admin home

From your admin home, you’ll see a red exclamation mark next to any page that has unpublished changes. To publish changes, select Publish in the dropdown next to the page you’d like to publish.


A confirmation will pop up to ensure you’d like to publish the page changes. Click Publish.




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