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Tenant Settings (Corporate Level)

Corporate Tenant Settings allow you to make a variety of changes to settings related to the management of your tenants across multiple facilities at once.

To access your corporate Tenant Settings:

  1. Click the Corporate button in the upper right of your screen.
  2. Click Settings from the left-side menu.
  3. Select the Software Settings tab and then Settings under Tenant.


For each of the following settings, expand the Facilities menu to select facilities to apply the setting to. 

Limit Waives

"Waives" are the act of removing a charged fee on a ledger. Selecting Yes for this setting allows you to limit the number of Waives that may be issued to a unit each month or each year. Use the drop-down menus for Waives limited to __  per rental, per __ to choose the maximum number of Waives per month or year that you would like to allow.

Allow specific rentals belonging to a tenant to be exempt from rental rate increases

Selecting Yes allows you to exclude one or more of a tenant’s rentals from future rate changes. For more information, see Excluding Rentals from Rate Changes.

Limit driver's license number to four digits

Selecting Yes limits what can be entered in Driver’s License fields to the last 4 digits of the tenant driver’s license number. 

Allow Backdating Move Ins

Selecting Yes allows software users to move a tenant into a unit on a date prior to the current date (a.k.a. backdating). Backdating move-ins is not a recommended workflow procedure. After backdating a move-in, the move-in date will display as the chosen date. However, on all financial reports, the amount paid for the move-in will be shown as the date the move-in was processed, not the backdated move-in date.

Email Documents Automatically

Selecting Yes will automatically email move-in, transfer, move-out, reservations, and expiration event documents to a tenant if they have a valid email address in their tenant profile.  

Email Billing documents automatically

Selecting Yes will automatically email Invoices, Receipts, and NSF to a tenant if they have a valid email address in their tenant profile. This setting overrides the individual email preferences in the tenant's profile.

Require tenants to be current before allowing a transfer

Selecting Yes prevents software users from transferring delinquent tenants to other units.

Opt new tenants in to Texting by default

Selecting Yes will automatically check the Texting communication preference checkbox for new tenants and opt them into receiving text messages by default. 

Opt new tenants in to Mass Email by default

Selecting Yes will automatically check the Mass Email communication preference checkbox for new tenants and opt them into receiving Mass Email by default.

Create task list item when store insurance is added to a ledger

Selecting Yes will automatically create an Adhoc Lease Reminder task when store insurance is added to a tenant’s ledger.

Require alternate contact at move-in

Selecting Yes will require alternate contact information to be collected during move-in. It will also remind users throughout the software to add an alternate contact for any tenant that does not have one.

Require lease signature during move-in

Selecting Yes will disable the option to Sign Later during the move-in process. Tenants will be required to sign their lease to complete the move-in. 

Enable automatic pop-up for tenant and unit page important notes

Selecting Yes will enable notes marked as important to pop up when visiting tenant and unit pages. When you have the feature enabled, all software users will see important note pop-ups.

Note: You can limit permission for which software users at your facility can mark a note as important. You can find more information about user roles in our article: User management and access.


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