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Edit Delinquency Schedules (Corporate Settings)

Our Corporate Delinquency feature allows you to more easily manage delinquency schedules over multiple facilities in less time. When used properly, Corporate Delinquency empowers you to manage and configure your delinquency schedules for multiple facilities across your portfolio in a single motion.

You may also share delinquency settings across facilities by selecting a representative schedule for other locations to be assigned to. Once those facilities are added to a single schedule, any changes to the schedule will automatically apply to the facilities using that schedule. This will allow you to hold all facilities within the same state to the same standard, for example.


View delinquency stages on the Facility level 

While you cannot edit delinquency stages at a facility level of your software, users with permission to do so can view them at the facility level for reference. 

Setting view delinquency permissions

To allow users to view a delinquency schedule, you will need to give them the proper permissions from within your Corporate account.

This is managed via Roles, which are groups of permissions you assign to one or multiple users within your organization.

1. Navigate to the Corporate section of your software and click Settings from the menu on the left.  


2. Select Roles from the User Management section.


3. Click Edit for the user role you wish to give permission to or create a new role first if needed. 


4. Under Per-facility permissions, scroll down to the Settings section and check the box next to View delinquency schedule settings.

Please note: You will not see the additional settings if All facility permissions is checked under Per-facility permissions.





5. Click Update Role in the bottom right corner of the screen when you are done. 


Viewing delinquency stages 

If you have permission to view delinquency stages at the facility level, you can do so by navigating to Settings from the menu on the left. 

Click Delinquency Stages under the Billing section. 


While you are unable to edit the stages you see on this page, you will be able to view them. Any line item highlighted in Red indicates that it is either the Partial Payment or Reverse Payment line item.


If there is a question mark next to the View Details button, you can hover over it to view a tooltip for that line item.


When you click on the View Details button, you will be redirected to a view-only page of that line item’s delinquency details. You will notice everything is grayed out, meaning you are not able to edit information on this screen.  


If you have the permissions to edit a Corporate Delinquency Schedule, you will see Edit Corporate Delinquency Schedule at the top of the screen. If you would like to edit a delinquency schedule, click Edit Corporate Delinquency Schedule to be redirected to your Corporate account. 




Edit delinquency settings at the Corporate level

Granting permission to edit delinquency settings

In order to edit your Corporate Delinquency schedules, user need the proper permissions. To grant a user permission to edit delinquency settings follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to the Corporate area of your software by clicking Corporate in the top right corner of your screen. 
2. Click Settings from the left navigation bar. setting.png
3. From the Settings page, click Roles under the User Management header.  user_roles.png

4. Find the Role you would like to edit, then click the Edit button its corresponding line.



5. Under Corporate permissions, check the box next to Manage corporate delinquency schedules.

Please note: You will not see the additional settings if All company permissions is checked under Corporate permissions




5. Click Update Role in the bottom right corner of the page to save your changes.

Once this option is selected, you will see a link to Edit Corporate Delinquency Schedule from your facility level delinquency stages page. This link will direct you to edit your Corporate level delinquency schedule.


Edit delinquency schedules

Follow the instructions below to edit delinquency schedules. If you clicked Edit Corporate Delinquency Schedule from your facility level delinquency stages page, skip to step 4. 

1. If you are accessing from your Corporate account, click Settings from the left navigation menu. setting.png
2. Select the Software Settings tab.

3. Click Current Schedules from the Delinquency section


 📖 Read more about Setting up delinquency stages to create new schedules.

4. To edit an existing schedule, click the pencil icon on the line of its corresponding schedule.  edit_schedule.png

5. Click Edit for the stage you would like to change.



6. An Edit Stage panel will open so you are able to edit a specific step while still referencing the overall schedule. A5510922-4CE0-4A8C-B4F5-F9B82D961513_4_5005_c.jpeg

7. If you would like to change the name of the delinquency schedule or add an additional facility to this schedule manually, click the Edit Details.

You are not able to remove a facility from a delinquency schedule. You are only able to add it to another schedule. Adding it to another schedule will remove it from its previous schedule. Because a facility must be tied to a delinquency schedule, and it can only be added to one, this will override its current schedule setting.


8. When you are done, click Save.  




When I make an edit to a schedule, what happens to currently delinquent tenants? And how are tenants that aren’t delinquent yet affected?

When a schedule is edited, it creates a new version of the schedule for tenants that are not yet delinquent. Currently delinquent tenants will remain on the version of the schedule they entered when they became delinquent, so edits made after they entered delinquency will not apply to them.

Tenants who are not currently delinquent are not affected immediately, but should they become delinquent after the edits are made, will be placed on the most up-to-date delinquency schedule. 


What schedule are currently delinquent tenants using?

Currently delinquent tenants will remain on the delinquency schedule they were assigned to when they entered delinquency. You can see which version of a schedule a tenant is using from the individual tenant Delinquency tab.


Does any edit to a delinquency schedule create a new version? 

Adding a new facility to a schedule or changing the schedule name will not create a new version of the schedule. Those changes will apply to currently delinquent tenants and those yet to become delinquent. 


Editing fees will also not create a new schedule. These fees will apply to anyone who has not reached this stage in their delinquency, whether they entered this delinquency schedule before or after this edit was made. For example, let’s say a schedule has a $25 fee on day 5, and I edit the day 5 fee to be $30. Tenants currently in delinquency who have passed day 5 paid the original $25 fee, and will not be affected by this change. Tenants who are currently in delinquency and have not reached day 5 will pay the new fee amount of $30.


Any other edits like changing steps within the schedule, adding fees, or adding new stages will create a new version of the schedule. These edits will not be applied to tenants who are currently on this schedule prior to edits. They will apply to tenants who become delinquent after this schedule change is made. 


Does every single edit create a new version, or are edits batched when making several changes at once?

Schedules are created once a day. This means that, if you make multiple edits in one day, all of these edits will be compiled into the new schedule. If you make edits the following day, these edits will create a new schedule version including only the edits you’ve made on that day.


When an edit is made, how soon does it take effect?

As soon as the page reloads, the edit will take effect. However, this only applies to tenants/units that enter delinquency after the edit. 

Tenant delinquencies are processed overnight, meaning anyone entering delinquency will fall into the most recent delinquency schedule by the next business day.


Will edits made to schedules impact communication sent to tenants? 

Edits made to existing schedules will not impact the communications sent to tenants. 


Are letters in Corporate Delinquency per delinquency schedule or per facility?

Letters are set per delinquency schedule.


Do I need to set up a new delinquency schedule before I import new tenants?

Yes, the new delinquency schedule should be created before you import tenants, to ensure they’re on the correct schedule as soon as they’re imported. 


When cloning an existing facility, what delinquency schedule should it be added to?

If you are cloning an existing facility, the new (cloned) facility should be added to the same schedule as the original facility it was cloned from. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team at support@storedge.com.


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