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Online Move-ins

Offering your tenants the option to complete their move-in online gives you the ability to facilitate more move-ins without the need to have in-person contact with your tenants. This can prove to be very useful in the event that person-to-person contact is not advised or not possible. This guide is intended to provide you with insight into the functionality built into storEDGE that makes online move-ins not only possible, but also simple for you and your tenants.

What you need for a seamless online move-in experience

To provide the best possible online move-in experience for your tenants, there are several actions we recommend you take in your software:

Ensure that you have e-sign enabled (required)

When a tenant moves into your facility, they’ll need to sign their lease first. If they move-in online, you’ll need to ensure that they can do so remotely by enabling e-sign. Before facilitating or enabling online move-ins, ensure that e-sign is enabled on your lease and other move-in documents.

Ensure that tenants can enroll in autopay (optional)

If your tenants are moving in online, there’s a pretty good chance that they’ll want to pay online as well. The storEDGE Rental Center enables tenants to pay online and enroll in autopay. Giving them the chance to enroll in autopay makes it easier for them - and saves you the time of enabling autopay for them. You can read about how to give tenants the option to enroll in autopay via the Rental Center on our help site.

Take advantage of two-way emailing and SMS (optional)

If you need to communicate with your tenants who are not physically present, your software gives you two easy ways to do so. You can send them a text message or an email easily from your software. Your tenants can to respond to SMS messages and emails sent by storEDGE, making it easy for you to facilitate a conversation through your software.

Enabling online move-ins

If you'd like your tenants to be able to move-in online from your website, from a reservation made via SpareFoot, or from an SMS or email sent by your facility, you must first enable online move-ins in your software. Online move-ins take place through the Rental Center. You can learn more about the Rental Center on our help site. 

To enable online move-ins:

  1. Access your Corporate Rental Center settings.
  2. From there, click Online Move-ins.
  3. In your Online Move-ins settings, you’ll find Enable online move-ins listed at the top of your settings. Select the Yes radio button.
  4. Click the Facilities link to expand your facility list.
  5. Check the box next to any facility you’d like to have online move-ins enabled. Note that only facilities with e-sign enabled are available for online move-ins.
  6. Click Save.


Enabling the Move in button on your Storable website

If you want tenants to be able to move in from your Storable website, enabling it is simple.

If storEDGE is your software provider

You can learn more about enabling online move-ins in your Units Table settings to help you customize your units table.

If SiteLink is your software provider

There are just a few extra steps to enable online move-ins via your website. You can learn more about enabling online move-ins on our help site.

Preparing online move-in documents

In order to use online move-in functionality, you’ll first need to prepare your documents:

  • Ensure that any documents you want your tenants to sign at move-in (such as your lease) have e-sign enabled. You can learn more about setting up e-sign on our help site.
  • If you want to facilitate online move-ins from reservations, ensure that your email and SMS templates labeled Online Move-in prompt are turned on.

The Online Move-in prompt document contains a bracket replacement that populates a link to the online move-in process for your tenant. We’ve added default messaging to these templates for you, but you have the option to Copy & Edit them if you would like to customize the messaging. Just ensure that you leave the [[lead.move_in_from_reservation]] replacement in the template that you use. You can learn more about customizing SMS templates and editing email templates on our help site.

Facilitating an online move-in from a reservation 

If a tenant has made a reservation through your website or 3rd party marketing platform and you’d like to give them the option to move in online, your software gives you the ability to send them a message via SMS or email that will facilitate an online move-in. You can send the move-in prompt from any place a reservation appears in your software:

  • From the Lead Activity section of your Facility Dashboard
  • From the Leads tab
  • From a Unit page

To send a move-in prompt from the Leads tab:

  1. Access your Leads tab on the facility level of your software.
  2. To the right of the reservation, click Send online move-in.
  3. Select SMS or Email.
  4. Select SMS or Email. If the reservation has a phone number or email address on file, it will populate here. If not, you can enter a phone number or email address.
  5. Click Send.

What your tenant will receive

After you send an online move-in prompt, your tenant will receive a link via SMS or email to complete their online move-in. The link will direct them to the Rental Center, where they can complete their move-in and set up their account.


If you send the move-in link via email, the reserved tenant will receive an email with a link to visit the Rental Center to complete their online move-in. Additionally, the email will include their account number and contact information for the facility.



If you send a move-in link via SMS, the reserved tenant will receive a text message with a link to complete their online move-in via Rental Center.


What happens next?

  • After an online move-in prompt has been sent, it will be reflected on the Communication tab and on the History tab of the Lead's page.
  • The time that you sent the online move-in prompt will appear on the reservation, as well as an option to resend the prompt.

  • If the tenant clicks the link and moves in from the prompt, the reservation will be converted to a move-in within storEDGE and will no longer be considered a lead.


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